Rubber Balls

Rubber is classified into natural rubber and synthetic rubber.
There are solid rubber, latex, liquid rubber, heat reversible elastomer when it comes to the type of rubber.
Since rubber has the characteristics of (1) High elasticity (2) Chemical reaction called vulcanization (3) Combined materials, it is used in a wide variety of areas including sporting goods, clothes, and aerospace parts.
Rubber balls
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Types of Rubber Balls

Natural Rubber balls   ◆Natural Rubber (NR)
Natural rubber is a natural resource made by collecting and solidifying the sap of Hevea brasiliensis.
High strength of vulcanized rubber and each property is balanced.
It is widely used in industrial parts such as tires,hoses and conveyor belts.
Nitrile Rubber balls   ◆Nitrile Rubber (NBR)
It consists of a copolymer of butadiene and acrylonitrile.
NBR rubber with excellent oil resistance and heat resistance.
Widely used in industrial products.
It is mainly used for ball valves that using oil.
Ethylene Plopylene Rubber balls   ◆Ethylene Plopylene Rubber (EPM,EPDM)
The greatest advantage of EPDM rubber is its excellent weather resistance.
Also,it is often used outdoors because it has excellent water resistance and cold resistance.
It has the smallest specific gravity of any rubber on the market.
It is mainly used as a ball valve around water.
Urethane Rubber balls   ◆Urethane Rubber (U)
Urethane rubber has both the softness of synthetic rubber and the hardness of plastic.
It has excellent wear resistance and is used not only in industrial products representing air tools, etc.but also in dayly.
Silicon Rubber balls   ◆Silicon Rubber (Si)
The main raw for silicone rubber are naturally derived SiO2 and water.
It has excellent heat resistance and water repellency.
It is a rubber that is widely used in various fields such as food, medical and industrial related.
It has a track record of use as a health appliance and tapping ball.
Fluoric Rubber balls   ◆Fluoric Rubber (FRM)
Fluoric rubber has excellent oil resistance and chemical resistance compared to other synthetic rubbers.
Because it is an expensive material, it is not often used in ordinary homes.
It is often used in equipment such as food, medicine and medical products.
Chloroprene Rubber balls   ◆Chloroprene Rubber (CR)
The oldest synthetic rubber developed in the 1930s.It is a well balanced rubber with excellent heat resistance, weather resistance and oil resistance.
It is used in industrial parts and automobile parts under harsh usage conditions.
Recently, it has been a little sluggish due to the activity of synthetic rubber such as NBR.