Ceramic Balls

Fine ceramic has superior mechanical, thermal, magnetic, chemical, and insulative characteristics such as light weight, extreme hardness, high temperature strength, high friction strength, high corrosion resistance.
They are used in a wide variety of areas including mechanical equipment, electrical parts, medical parts, aerospace and atomic parts.
  Ceramic balls
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Types and Characteristics of Ceramic Balls

Almina balls   ◆Almina balls (AI2O3)
Popular & the most reasonable fine ceramic which has high electric insulation, strength under regular temperature and is corrosion resistant.
From the point of view of contamination, it is often used in the semiconductor industry.
Zirconia balls   ◆Zirconia balls (ZrO2)
Zircon has a high melting point, is chemically stable, and has low thermal conductivity.
Rough products tend to be used for crushing, and high precision products tend to be used for electronic components.
Silicon Nitride balls   ◆Silicon Nitride balls (Si3N4)
Silicon Nitride has a low thermal expansion coefficient and is excellent at bending strength, fracture toughness and heat impact resistance.
Recently, it is widely used for ball bearings.
Silicon Carbide balls   ◆Silicon Carbide balls (SiC)
Silicon Carbide has a low declining mechanical strength under high temperature (more than 1000℃) and high friction resistance.
From the point of view of contamination, it is often used in the semiconductor industry.
We believe that the fine ceramic balls will respond to the customer's expectation as a mechanical component of the new age.
Table: Characteristics of Ceramics Materials (Generic Data)
Item/Form Oxide Non-Oxide
Almina Zirconia Silicon Nitride Silicon Carbide
AI2O3 ZrO2 Si34 SiC
Density g/cm3 3.9 6.0 3.2 3.1
Thermal Expansion Coefficient x10-6/K 7 - 8 8 - 12 3.2 - 3.6 4 - 5
Thermal Conductivity W/m・K 30 3 24 140
Elastic Coefficient GPa 350 - 370 210 290 - 300 390 - 430
Bending Strength MPa 340 - 450 980 - 1100 880 - 1030 490 - 700
Hardness   15 - 17 13 15 - 16 20 - 25
Operational Temperature 1500 - 1200 1600
※ Listed values are measured, it is not a guaranteed value.