Company Overview

Corporate Name Sato Tekkou Co., Ltd.
Head Office and
1-7-10 Takaidanaka, Higashi-Osaka, Osaka, 577-0065, JAPAN (Map)
Founded May 1950
Established June 1973
Chairman/President Koshi Sato
Capital 30,000,000 Yen
Fisical Term June
Employees 30 (Male:16, Female:14) as of August 2021
  1. Steel Ball Manufacturing Department
    High speed ball Header / Ball Header / Ball Flashing Machine / Ball Grinding Machine / Rotatory Barrel Finishing Machine / Filter press / Automatic ball counter

  2. Special Ball Manufacturing Department
    Ball Grinding Machine / Ball Lapping Machine / Ball Processing Machine / Centrifugal Separator / Dry Furnace / Ultra pure water generator / Ultrasonic washing machine / Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine / Portable filter press

  3. Inspection Department
    Surface Roughness Measurement / Roundness,Cylindricity Measuring Machines / Laser Scan Micrometer / Digital Microscope / Stereoscopic Microscopes / Automatic Ball Inspection Machine / Roller Micrometer

  4. Generic Machines
    Lathe / Bench Lathe / Milling Cutter / Turning M/C
Line of Business
Main Banks Mitsui Sumitomo Bank/Higashi-Osaka Branch
Eiwa Credit Union Bank/Imazato Branch
Awa Bank/Higashi-Osaka branch
Group Membership Technology Research Institute of Osaka Prefecture
Higashiosaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry
New Ceramics Forum
Higashi Osaka Junior Chamber Inc.