Logo Concept

In 1990 we designed our corporate logo which combines elements of steel ball production and sphere manufacturing along with the history and philosophy of Sato Tekko. Using a simple design, we emphasized an image of a sphere which is both dynamic and innovative. Our logo gives employees and customers the assurance of our guarantee of high quality products.

Explanation of Our Corporate Logo Mark


The design of the Sato Tekko logo emphasizes an image of a steel ball production maker in a simple design; Dynamic and Innovative. The big circle outside Sato represents both the earth and a steel ball.


A hollow small circle inside the letter "S" expresses the process of the steel ball being made from iron wire. The small circle goes down inside the letter "S" and becomes the bottom circle that is overlapped with the letter "S".

logo-p03.gif The overlapping circle has the translucent color of the background and means a steel ball produced at Sato Tekko. In addition, this also resembles the close relationship of inside and outside - our relationship with our customers, community and the world.
logo-p04.gif The way the word Sato is cut diagonally at the blue line expresses the circle (ball) produced at Sato jumps out of Sato, and it also jumps out of outter big circle (Earth), and out to space.
logo-p05.gif The attitude of Sato Tekko that to want to express is that we want to be in existence so that can contribute to humanity as a company which is rooted in the community through steel ball production.

Logo Mark Color

The basic color of the logo of Sato Tekko conjures "passion and vitality" with the Japanese traditional color "Akane-iro" which is crimson red.

About "Akane-iro" crimson red

Humans were interested in the color red as they received the bountiful solar light. The next encounter with "Red" is the discovery of "fire" in darkness. Fire protected human beings from darkness and cold with its light and warmth. Therefore, "fire" is also a god for human beings along with the "Sun", and they were adored for their purity. In addition, they also found the color "Red" in the "blood" flowing in the human body. In Japan, ancestors found the "Red" of the metallic compound and tried to take out "Red" from the root of crimson, a petal of a dyer's saffron, a heart of the tree of dark red and an insect. All of this is because "Red" is a holy and precious color for the humanan race as the color of "Sun", "Fire" and "Blood".